All of you who are waiting eagerly for the launch of Iphone 6 won’t have to wait for a longer period since the launch is all set to take place in a media event on September 9. The photos of this much-waited device are already leaked in internet and created a huge buzz.



According to the reports, a 4.7 inch model will come first in the market. Later in the year or may be in 2015 a 5.5 inch model will come to the fore. Interestingly, this will be even thinner than the earlier version iphone 5s. If rumors are correct then Iphone 6 will have an updated iOS, a smoother and faster processor and of course a better camera.


Do you guys remember Sonny Dickson? He was the one who previously leaked information and photos of Apple products and now he has done it again as he leaked the photo of the backside of Iphone 6. If the product really comes out the way he claimed then we must admit that this Australian is cool.

In his Twitter handle, he has claimed that the photo is 100% real.

If the facts and pictures are real then it is beyond doubt that Iphone 6 will be a handsome product. It will be thin, it will be smooth, and it will be fast. It will be different yet it will look the same as previous ones. Well, all we can do is wait and watch as it unfolds.