Laura Jenkinson, an UK based super talented makeup artist has made a stir in the virtual world with myriad images of lip smacking cartoon characters painted on her lip and has taken makeup to an extraordinary level. She has made a significant Internet following as she recreates accurate rendition of cartoon characters with her lovable artwork, using her chin and lips.

Combining her passion of makeup and love for cartoons, Laura creates faces on faces using her chin as a canvas and her lips double up as the lips of the cartoon character. This creative genius has already got 50K likes on her Facebook page because she successful caught both our imagination and thought.The end result? Well, check them out yourself.

Her most recent creation, Disney’s lip art creation is a tribute to Robin Williams, who committed suicide recently due to depression. She memorializes this Hollywood legend with an Aladdin tribute. She mostly uses theatrical makeup but also resorts to lipstick to acquire the exact shade at times. In order to capture the character perfectly she uses her lips, teeth and even her tongue to enhance the art. She is definitely paving her way to become one of the pioneers of her field and most importantly in face painting. Who would have thought that face painting could come to this; it surely has moved a long since the time we were kids.






Laura Jenkinson has surely managed to keep millions entertained and captivated.