Condoms are the most desired things now across the globe. As we all know that it helps us to have safer sex and let’s admit that sex is something we can’t stay away from for too long. We have good ideas and perceptions about condoms yet we have some misunderstandings about it. So let’s make everything clear.

Myth: It is safer to use two condoms at a time.

Fact: It is not rather it is more unsafe. When they clash with each other it might break


Myth: Condoms can break

Fact: Actually, they don’t. You have to be careful when you are putting it. Beware of nails and teeth. Make sure there is no air bubble at the end of it.

Myth: Condoms are the only contraception.

Fact: Well it is not . Condoms only protects you from STIs and unwanted pregnancy. It is always better that both you and your partner use condoms and other forms of contraceptive.

Myth: Extra lubrication is good, perhaps Vaseline can play the role.

Fact: Not really. Sometimes it is better to have a bit extra lubrication but make sure that you don’t pour a lot of oil inside because too much of oil can actually dissolve the condom. In fact too much of Vaseline can dissolve it. Use water based lubricant like Durex Play from a pharmacy.

Myth: Condoms cut down the sensitiveness.

Fact: It is wrong. It is not the case. Sometimes condoms can give some extra pleasure, in fact it can help you to last longer. There are different sizes, shapes, colors and textures. Therefore find the ideal one that suits you and your partner the most.

Myth: The girl is on the pills, so we don’t need condoms.

Fact: Wrong. You still need a condom. Your girlfriend may be on pills but pills do not protect you from STIs. If your girlfriend is sick then those pills won’t work properly and your girlfriend might get pregnant. Therefore, it is always advisable that you use condoms.

Myth: Age limit should be 18.

Fact: You can buy condoms at any age and the shopkeeper is bound to give you that. You are also likely to receive it at free of cost. You can also get free advice from Brook centres, sexual health (GUM) clinics.

Myth: If one sleeps with nice people then he or she doesn’t need condoms.

Fact: If you are thinking on this line then you are very very wrong. Condoms protects you from unwanted pregnancy and STIs. STIs do not care whether you are nice or not. Most of the STIs do not show any symptoms and both of you can infect each other without even knowing it. So, use condoms.

Myth: Condoms are always safe.

Fact: Not really. Condoms, which are being bought from local shops, are not good at all. Always look for European CE or Kite mark, which will give you the standards and assurance. Remember, condoms do expire and they don’t last forever. Check the manufacturing date.