Ferguson protest is developing and there is no sign at all of things being calmed down. The US state of Missouri is sending the National Guard to the town of Ferguson as protests escalate over the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

Governor Jay Nixon has ordered to “help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson”.

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The choice was made as police conflicted with irate crowd presently before a second night under curfew started.

Police in Ferguson, a suburb of St Louis, said they went under assault and had “no option” to react. Capt. Ron Johnson said nonconformists had tossed petrol bombs and restrains at security constrains, and set blockades before the five-hour curfew started at midnight (05:00 GMT).

“For those who would claim that the curfew was what led to [the] violence, I will remind you this incident began three and a half hours before the curfew was to have started,” he told journalists in Ferguson on Monday.

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Correspondents at the scene described seeing smoke clouds rise up as police began to disperse the protests on West Florissant Avenue, with a helicopter beaming down a spotlight.

A percentage of the demonstrators were spluttering and put water at them, particularly on their eyes as they felt the impacts of tear gas. Others looked for spread from the agitation inside a quick sustenance restaurant.

The murdering of Michael Brown by a white police officer in a road on 9 August has excited racial pressures in the generally dark suburb.  Officer Darren Wilson shot the young person after purportedly halting him for strolling in the road, upsetting traffic.