Dear Daddies if you have to manage your work alone at home front, manage your office accounts and then bring up your baby girl then we understand that you need help. It is not an easy task as you have to multi task regularly. But to make it a bit easy for you so that you can manage your everyday life with bringing up her perfectly you might find all these useful.


Tell her the Good things about herself

Compliment your baby girl by complimenting her intelligence, her appearance, her resourcefulness, her imagination, her hard work, and her strength. Make her feel that her appearance is obviously important but others also matter.


Let her Play Outdoors

Do let her play in the mud, playground or at home. Don’t box her up at home or be over protective. Your girl will grow up properly only when you will help the child in her to grow.


Let her Imagine

Read her story books and interesting books, funny stories, imaginative ones when you sit with your baby girl.  This will infuse a positive bonding between you two and help your child to be more imaginative and knowledgeable. Who knows one day you find your sweet, naughty, little daughter in your study room, wearing your glasses and trying to read books like you did to her.

 Treat Women respectfully

Your daughter finds the mother and father in you if you are the one who brings her up. It is your behavior, attitude towards women that will shape up her identity about women to her. Say positive things about women without pedastalizing so that she grows with a positive and healthy mind.

Encourage new hobbies

If you try to keep advice to her then probably she will not understand. So don’t be the boring, strict dad and share with her your own hobbies. In this way she will be interested and she will develop new hobbies. Help her to choose the right hobby and encourage her every time she comes up with new hobbies and ideas.


Inspire her with Role models

She will no longer grow up to be a super man or wonder woman but let her choose her role models. Let her choose her own super hero or super heroine as it inspires her and make her belief that she can too excel in a male dominated world.

Allow her to explore her Girlie self

Don’t force her to wear pink or the stereotypical dresses. Let her wear dresses that make her feel her girlie self. Don’t force her and be a friend to her while you take her to shop her own dresses.


Teach her the truths about drugs

As your girl gets a little bit older tell her the truths about drugs. For this don’t scare her but just share with her the effects of drugs. If you try scary tactics chances are more that she will try drugs. So teach her in the right way in the right time.

Teach her about male sexuality

Teach her about respecting both the male and female sex. Don’t teach her that boys are bad or evil and that guys want only one thing as this tactics doesn’t work and it damages both girls and boys in the process. Girls tend to see boys or men as one dimensional and in the long run it causes a negative personality development.


Hold her until she falls asleep

If you think that your love and care still falls short for your child you can hold her until she falls asleep sometimes. You can tell her stories too so that she sleeps tight and the sleepy face, her smiles will pull out all your sorrows and breathe in the perfect bond of love and care in you both.You will miss it when your little doll grows up.